Backup for our partners

10 departments manage all projects, from marketing to over 3.5 million existing customers, central purchasing, the company’s own server farm for CRM and Big Data powered by Deutsche Telekom, to all concept and product innovations. Every partner benefits from the entire power and all channels of the Düsseldorf head office.

Sales Optimisers


All the partner hotels benefit from Lindner’s own loyalty programme "Nights..." and the digital file with several million regular customers, which can be filtered according to more than one hundred criteria and approached in a targeted manner.

Sales & Distribution

By means of a centrally managed structure, several thousand key accounts, hundreds of local company rates agreements and all the decisive online sales platforms (OTA) are negotiated and updated. The dedicated Customer Service Centre deals with all the telephone enquiries and reservations centrally at the Lindner Headquarters.

Revenue Management

A pricing policy on a daily basis (as has been the norm in the airline industry for a long while now) using the leading revenue programmes, optimally relieves the burden from the hotels and provides ideal average room rates.

Cost reducers


While accounting first and foremost provides transparency, controlling primarily serves to manage profit at an operational and strategic level. This professional cooperation helps to identify areas for action in a timely manner and is the basis for successful results.

In part, this includes the preparation of the annual accounts for all the hotels and owners, transparent monthly closings up to the tenth day of the following month in accordance with the “Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI)”, the preparation of all the relevant key figures and recommendations for action for the Sales and Distribution & Marketing areas.


The higher the purchasing power, the higher the potential for lower prices. The approximately two hundred centrally negotiated volume conditions and framework agreements provide security in the choice of suppliers and products as well as better procurement prices. The ongoing price monitoring provides a permanent benchmark via the group-wide controlling and the system of financial control and makes individual reimbursement for each individual hotel possible.

Technology partner

Digitisation has a decisive influence on the competitiveness of a hotel. This applies to the entire lifecycle of the hotel building and its operative areas.

The Lindner IT power backup (ITPB) is one of the leading digitisation offerings in the areas of IT technology and IT networking for hotels.


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