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Digitisation, IT infrastructure and construction management are decisive factors nowadays when it comes to the success of a hotel building in operation. The Lindner business group covers all the important areas itself, to offer its partner the maximum in future-oriented solutions in new developments, re-positioning or in passing on the business to successive generations.

Lindner IT power backup

Digitisation has a decisive influence on the competitiveness of a hotel. This applies to the entire lifecycle of the hotel building and its operative areas. 

Starting by combining the technical building equipment, construction and the networking of individual data points into an overall network which safely monitors and maintains the building, up to the communication with the guest and in-house services throughout the entire customer journey.

The Lindner IT Power Backup (ITPB) in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom supports all the partners with everything to do with operations and the building and represents one of the leading digitisation offerings in the areas of IT technology and IT networking in hotels.

This includes

  • our own server farm for hosting, data mining (CRM with over three million customer profiles for directly addressing and communicating with guests) and platform management for the convergence of all booking channels
  • our own fibre-optic network with gigabit connection and high speed WiFi in every room
  • online web check-in and check-out and using guest smartphones to open doors
  • a long-term strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom in the areas of technology and co-working
  • smart TVs with AirPlay & screen mirroring as well as an external sound system for every room (Bring Your Own Device strategy)
  • It is our communicative sales goal to digitally accompany the guest from the decision-making process, throughout their stay, until long after (cross-marketing and sales strategy)
  • to be the year-long social media pioneer in the German hotel business
  • a dedicated social intranet as a platform for the whole project development with all the stakeholders and for all the employees of the whole of the corporate group and its partners

In-house Technical Assistance & Architecture

Technical building equipment quickly eats up a good 40% of the total building budget of a hotel these days. In order to keep an eye on all the work being carried out, we support the building contractor with our more than seventy years of competence on building sites, with a view to optimising the investment and the running of the operations together.

Our services include

  • Technical assistance in planning all the work stages
  • Takeover of general contractor duties (own specialist area within Lindner Hotels AG) and architecture services in all the phases of the HOAI (Lindner Architekten KG)
  • Interior design planning in cooperation with selected partners
  • Building and project management
  • Area optimisation and re-purposing
  • Sustainability management
  • Energy controlling and contracting
  • Asset and property management by our subsidiary Gebau GmbH
  • SPA planning
  • Technical due diligence

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