Professional development

Hotels are one of the most time-consuming operator-run properties from planning right through to operations. It is therefore all the more important for us that we support our partners, leaseholders, investors, franchisees and managers along every step of the development.

As a family-run organisation we offer the full value chain in hotel development. This runs from investment through construction monitoring to operations and coordinated marketing. The Lindner Hotels and me and all hotels carry out management and franchise agreements as well as standard leasing agreements and can also guarantee the takeover and purchase of the whole development.

Banks and institutional investors value this flexibility and are able to post considerable successes thanks to the re-positioning and turnaround stories together with Lindner and their investment products.

The renowned hotel operator ranking of the Treugast Solutions Group in Munich has confirmed this categorically over a number of years with its "AA" grade.

Lease by Lindner Hotels & Resorts | me and all hotels

As a traditional German company, apart from the internationally customary management and franchise agreements, we can also fulfil requirements for standard lease agreements, making a partnership with us an attractive prospect for institutional investors. The high flexibility of the property (e.g. age, floor plan) characterises the development of Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels.

Requirements for lease objects at a glance

  • Hotel buildings in urban locations in the economic metropolises and capital cities of Europe
  • Resort locations on the North Sea and the Baltic and on the Balearic Islands
  • Re-purposing of office and hotel buildings
  • Revitalisation of existing hotel buildings
  • New build projects
  • Purchase of plots of land
  • Mixed-use properties (no ground floor facilities required)
  • Double-brand use
  • Total area from 3,500m² gross floor area
  • Room area from 33m² gross floor area
  • Standard room area from 16m² net floor area
  • starting from 120 rooms
  • Traditional lease contracts for institutional investors and hybrid contract structures to generate a joint upside if required
  • Purchase / and joint ventures for joint development including the option for takeover of general contractor and architect services in all phases of the HOAI
  • Market-standard securities with a track record spanning over four decades.

Management made by Lindner

With over 40 years of operating experience, you as a partner can rest assured that your hotel will be run by our teams using the most professional methods of operation, marketing and control. We begin by building the operations on site and setting up the connection to our central departments where appropriate and necessary, which allows us to establish our group’s basic administrative, operational and human resources standards. Building on this, joint targets and budgets are defined.

The advantages of Management made by Lindner at a glance

  • Professional personnel management, acquisitions, training and ongoing professional development of employees to guarantee the operational and qualitative standards in all the areas of the hotel
  • Central quality management as well as the introduction and safeguarding of all the necessary operative and quality standards
  • Preparation, consolidation and interpretation of all hotel key figures on the basis of internationally recognised administration standards (USALI - Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry)
  • Realisation and safeguarding of a professional and up-to-the-minute IT infrastructure
  • Incorporation of the hotel in selected areas of the distribution structure
  • Management contracts standard for the market

Motor for success at a glance

Franchise made by Lindner

In an increasingly digitized world with more opportunities for own marketing, you can easily lose track. We suggest that you focus on your passion and core competence - operating your hotel. Remain the king pin in your own hotel and leave the marketing and positioning to us, once we have defined this together with you in advance. As a franchisee make your own autonomous decisions on site and allow us to offer you every support as the franchisor. 

The advantages of franchise made by Lindner at a glance

  • The hotel appears under the name of the Lindner Hotels & Resorts and thus enjoys all the associated benefits of a strong brand
  • Clear standards, but no rigid straitjacket as with so many of the international large franchise companies (individual franchise solution for every single hotel)
  • Connection to the central reservation and sales system (national and international)
  • Integration in direct marketing, CRM, e-Commerce, PR and social media activities
  • Professional support in all operative, business economics, technical and personnel questions during the whole course of the contract
  • Fair, transparent and interesting franchise compensation system for the franchisee
  • Regular ongoing professional development and further education programmes

Motor for success at a glance


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