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The portfolio of the family-run hotel group includes (1,876 employees; 193 million euro turnover in 2018) a total of 35 hotels in seven European countries. It therefore numbers amongst the leading hotel businesses in Germany. As well as the nineteen Lindner hotels in metropolises, eight renowned spa and sport resorts (two currently being planned) and a holiday park, seven of the hotels belong to the me and all brand (five currently under construction). Some of the Lindner Hotels & Resorts were salvaged from difficult economic situations and successfully re-positioned. Franchise operations complement the service and, like the existing establishments, provide individual holiday concepts, high quality standards and innovative spa offers.

Business, conference, leisure & family as well as themed hotels make up the thirty premises in the portfolio. The traditional brand of Lindner Hotels AG has already received numerous awards for its innovative and sustainable way of working: the Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck in Hamburg was selected as the "Hotel Property of the Year", Otto Lindner himself was nominated “Hotelier of the Year” and business travellers voted Lindner second place in the "Best Hotel Group for Business Travellers in Germany" category in the Business Traveller Awards 2014.

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Each location has its own unmistakable character and offers its guests a stylish lifestyle to meet every need. Traditional hospitality and uncomplicated first-class service in an elegant atmosphere come as naturally to Lindner Hotels & Resorts as the most modern technology, innovative wellness offers and unusual incentives. And that is true regardless of whether a guest has come as a holidaymaker to enjoy the wide range of leisure and relaxation offerings, as a business traveller, or is looking to combine business and pleasure.

Exceptional locations, stylish architecture and a deep love of detail make Lindner Hotels & Resorts an unusual mixture of multi-faceted holiday hotels and exclusive business addresses for every occasion. Whatever has brought our guests to us, we are not only better for them, we are different.

Our slogan is also the concept behind our business – innovation and quality are our passion and the wellbeing of our guests is our greatest success.

me and all hotels

me and all hotels are a sub-brand of Lindner Hotels AG. Developed in 2015 by managing directors Andreas Krökel and Otto Lindner, the first me and all hotel opened in Düsseldorf in 2016, followed by the second location in Mainz in 2018. With the involvement of the Family Office of the Clemens Tönnies family from Rheda-Wiedenbrück and the project developer Hanseatic Group from Hildesheim, the brand me and all hotels (made by Lindner) became independent and has been operating as a joint subsidiary operating company under the name of me & all Hotels GmbH since 2017.

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The most central location and always closely connected to the Local Heroes of the city. Urban, neighbourhood-friendly design, excellent quality, fabulous details, the finest technology and an urban living-room where everyone can feel at home. me and all hotels are never modest. But they are always extremely comfortable. And warmly sincere. And every one of them is always casual in its own way and completely down to earth. They reflect the lifestyle of their city. and are always ready to celebrate that life with you.

me and all hotels are your home away from home. Here you are always in your element. In comfortable, high-quality rooms, in brilliant co-working spaces, fabulous event-lounges and urban-inspired lobbies. Everywhere.

As passionate urban players, we merge the scene with the hotel and our Local Heroes with the rest of the world. Authentic and warm, moving with the pulse of the city. We have created a space for comfort and networking, for travellers and non-travellers, and for elegant living-room events. 

And every me and all hotel is a declaration of love for its city, its neighbourhood, its Local Heroes and its guests. We are always extremely central and our hearts beat unconditionally in everything we do locally. The good from the hood from me and all with love. We are there for you.

Not just better. Different.

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